Kiss of fire

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Kiss of fire

With this tango that is frisky and is flashy,
two wings have grown on my poor slum that was all trashy
With this tango tango's brought forth and like shrieking
left the sordid skid row and the sky is seeking
Curious the spell where love in tune was harnessed
and new paths were opened with more hope than fairness,
a blend of rage, of pain, of need, of expectation
crying in the innocence of the beat's elation.
To see the miracle of your prophetic music,
the dames and damsels sallied out and started cruising
the moon has risen in the puddles, the hip swinging¹
and a fiery too wish for love is springing
I touch your lips and all at once the sparks go flying
those devil lips that know so well the art of lying
and though I see the danger still the flame grows higher
I know I must surrender to your kiss of fire
Just like a torch, you set the soul within me burning
I must go on, I'm on this road of no returning
and though it burns me and it turns me into ashes
my whole world crashes without your kiss of fire
(Singing together to the end)
┌I can't resist you, what good is there in trying?
└To see the miracle of your prophetic music,
┌What good is there denying you're all that I desire?
└the dames and damsels sallied out and started cruising
┌Since first I kissed you my heart was yours completely
└the moon has risen in the puddles, the hip swinging
┌If I'm a slave, then it's a slave I want to be
└and a fiery too wish for love is springing.
Don't pity me, don't pity me
Give me your lips, the lips you only let me borrow
Love me tonight and let the devil take tomorrow
I know that I must have your kiss although it dooms me
Though it consumes me, the kiss of fire!
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This is a rhymed translation you can sing along. Chords
¹ canyengue is an old style of tango characterised by hip swinging

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Kiss of fire

Con este tango que es burlón y compadrito
se ató dos alas la ambición de mi suburbio.
con este tango nació el tango, y como un grito
salió del sórdido barrial buscando el cielo.
Conjuro extraño de un amor hecho cadencia
que abrió caminos sin más ley que la esperanza,
mezcla de rabia, de dolor, de fe, de ausencia


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