The Way [ Ko e Hala [We Know The Way] (Tongan Version) ]

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The Way

Navigators! Prepare for the call
From the gods of the sea and ocean
We will discover [the islands]
In this vast ocean.
[Move ship, move]
Oh, oh
Our home is up ahead
A bird leads the way
Oh, oh
A fair land
Let us inhabit it.
[We] sail into the wind at high noon
[We] journey into the distance [with] the ocean breeze
We discover through [star]gazing, and we know the way
[We] know the way, the way.
Oh, oh
Set course to the island there
We row to an island untouched
Oh, oh
[We] keep that island in our minds
When you're ready, then let's go
The path [is set].
Oh, oh
We know every star
We read the ancient stories from long ago
Oh, oh
A fair land
[Let us] inhabit it -- the way.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Ko e Hala [We Know The Way] (Tongan Version)

Teuteu tangata folau ki he ui na
Mei he 'otua 'o tahi mo moana
Te tau 'iloa kotoa
'I vaa moana.
['Alu, 'alu vaka]
'Aue, 'aue


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