Who pushed me (Ko me tjero)

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Who pushed me

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Even a year passed
Since I haven't been feeling anything
I live on bread and water
I know only, only for you

This is not a life nor vegetating
I'm just a young girl waiting for quick aging
And I curse you
May saints forgive me

Who, who pushed me
To love you blindly
To think, to think
That all of yours is sacred
Because you were cheating on me with her so easily
I know where, and I know how

Who, who pushed me
To love you blindly
Oh, my wound, oh, my pity
I still want a salvation from God
And I know it's too late for us

There are no more tears,
No more regrets,
I just wish
To lose my memories

Because this isn't life
Nor vegetating
I'm just a young girl
Waiting for quick aging

Chorus 2x

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Ko me tjero

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