we had come to an agreement (Konna Etafa'na / كنا اتفقنا)

English translation

we had come to an agreement

that day we had come to an agreement
that if we've burned in fire
we set together and talk my love
we don't hide secrets
we walk the journey together
we decide and choose together
and if one of us got hurt he shouldn't hide it
and he shouldn't be confused
tell me you're mad
tell me you're tired
tell me you're bored
just tell me anything
you were my life
you can't be nothing to me in a moment!
I can't see you anymore...
just like that...you let go
just like that...you're leaving me
you're my only one
let me,,, I'll carry your pain
what is the world for
if me & you were not together
I'm asking you with my wounded feelings
say it
don't change the subject
it was easy talking to each other my love
now it's not!
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Konna Etafa'na / كنا اتفقنا

كنا اتفقنا نهار لولا احترقنا بنار
نقعد سوا نحكى يا حبيبى ما نكتم الاسرار
نمشى سوا المشوار نقرر سوى ونختار
واللى انوجع منا يا حبيبى ما يخبى ولا يحتار


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