Cut and deal


Kopse kai moirase

Ti allakse; Ti halase;
Les kai pano sto diafano fos
melani stalakse.
Pou hanesai; Pou trehei to vlema;
Poia alitheia mou krivei o kapnos
i mipos krivei psema;

Tha koito sta matia sou
tha rotao mehri na mou peis
tha htipo sta vrahia sou
os to telos tis siopis.

Kopse kai moirase sta dio
panta i agapi thelei dio,
dio na geloun sto idio asteio
dio na zestainoune to krio
dio na moirazontai amartia kai theo.

Kopse kai moirase sta dio
panta i agapi thelei dio
dio monomahous sto pedio
dio sto mazi kai sto antio
dio na moirazontai ta panta i to keno.

Ti kseftise; Ti espase;
Les kai epano mou houftes gialia
i nihta petakse.
Poios eftaikse kai poion na athooso;
Na se paro ksana agalia
i mipos na thimoso;

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Cut and deal

What has changed? What’s wrong?
It’s as if upon the clear light
some ink dripped
Where are you getting lost? Where does the look run to?
What’s the truth that the smoke hides from me
or is it that it hides the lie?

I will be staring at your eyes
I will be asking until you tell me
I will be rocking on your cliffs
until the end of the silence

Cut and deal for two
love always takes two
two, to be laughing at the same joke
two, to be warming the cold
two, to be sharing sin and god

Cut and deal for two
love always takes two
two warriors in the battlefield
two, for ‘together’ and for ‘goodbye’
two, to be sharing everything or the gap

What has faded? What has broken?
It’s as if handfuls of glasses towards me
the night threw
Whose fault was it and whom should I acquit?
Should I hold you in arms again
or should I be mad [at you]?

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