Don't be afraid (Korkma)

English translation

Don't be afraid

your soul don't feel, nights are on you
Don't be afraid, you are not in love.
your love will not be exist even you try intentionally
don't be afraid, you will not have life(time)!
while you are struggling, you bog down
there will be nobody except the one you forgot that will save you
your hands became ice and your feet nail
even touch,they don't make you warm
let your body stand, and your soul believe
you supposed I'ld love you, again you were wrong
your soul don't feel, years are upon it
you are not in love still
your love don't be fill up even you say yourself "Again"
Don't be afraid, you don't respect.
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Ruhun duymaz geceler kalmış üstüne
Gönlün olmaz korkma!
Sevgin olmaz denesen de bile bile
Ömrün olmaz korkma!


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