Doll [ Koukla (Κούκλα) ]

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When the moon comes out
and you have fallen asleep
I come into your room
on a little toy train
I leave you a poster
I undress you with my eyes
I look at you as a landscape
and I take pictures
With a blue marker
I sign my name and
take me in your life for a while
take me along in your dreams
I had you in my arms all night long
I believed you were mine
When silence touches you
and the radio puts you to sleep
I travel in wagons
on your bedsheets
I make a beach
out of notebooks and books
and when I steal your kiss
I dance on your carpet
On your hair I leave
two autograph kisses for you
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Koukla (Κούκλα)

Όταν βγαίνει το φεγγάρι
και ο ύπνος σ' έχει πάρει
στο δωμάτιό σου μπαίνω
μ' ένα παιχνιδάκι τρένο


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