I'm a man from Krakow, (Krakowiaczek jeden)

English translation

I'm a man from Krakow,

I'm a man from Krakow,
I had seven horses,
I lost all but one,
Fighting foreign forces.
Although I kept fighting
And was never bored,
Somehow I returned home
With the rusty sword.
Little girl from Krakow,
Had a wooden doll
And a funny footwear
With a waxy sole.
I'm a man from Kracow,
I'm not a clown,
If you mess with me,
I will take you down.
No one would deny,
That I'm from Kracow,
I've got many tassels
Fastened to my buckle.
I'm a guy from Kracow,
So please take a note:
I wear woolen red hat,
Boots, and overcoat.
When the music's playing,
I dance with a flare,
Tassels on my buckle
give off lots of glare.
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Krakowiaczek jeden

Krakowiaczek jeden
miał koników siedem,
pojechał na wojnę,
został mu się jeden.
Siedem lat wojował,