Everything is OK (Krejt Ok)

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Everything is OK

Tonight its
Just you and me
Everything is OK
You`re with me
I`m with you
And you feel the rhythm
Forget everything
For a moment
Think about nothing
Offer me this night
I will give you everything
Come and sing with me!!
Dance with me
Because tonight i want
To be with you only
Everything is perfect
Its the one and only night
Say whatever you like to me
Forget everything
Use this night
And get yourself comfortable
And for you
I will do everything tonight
I will fullfil every wish
This night for us
Wont have boundaries
I will give you everything
Come close to me im all yours tonight
And dont talk...
I want to see you dance
I want to see you shake
I want everything tonight baby
To do it with you
Give your maximum
Because tonight is a sleepless night
Everything between me and you
Will go to maximum tonight
I came with friends im not alone
To drink and to crush (bottles)
Call your friends so they stay with my friends
And i will be only with you
There`s alcohol and wine for everyone
There`s no limit to anything
For all those who say
This is a HIT
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kamelia_m4 years 34 weeks

Krejt Ok

Sonte jemi
veq une dhe ti
dhe qdo gje eshte Okey
ti je me mu
une jam me ty
dhe Ritmin e ndjen
harroi krejt
per nje moment


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