I know you're alone [ To Ksero Eisai Moni (Το ξέρω είσαι μόνη) ]

English translation

I know you're alone

You left from me but
you don't even know why
you told me with an attitude
"'I don't want no contact"
The house is in dust
and I'm writing everywhere "I love you"
baby it's getting old
the goodbye that I said too
I know you're alone
you're alone
you're alone
and this is making me angry
it's hurting me
it's killing me
I know you're alone
you're alone
you're alone
I want you to come here
You call me on the phone, you're silent
and you just listen to me
you bring me against to
(my) defences and selfishness
We're spending our nights alone
and it seems silly
the "end" you said
while you were angry
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To Ksero Eisai Moni (Το ξέρω είσαι μόνη)

Μου έφυγες κι όμως
δεν ξέρεις κι εσύ το γιατί
μου είπες με ύφος
"δε θέλω καμιά επαφή"
Το σπίτι στη σκόνη
και γράφω παντού "σ' αγαπώ"
μωρό μου παλιώνει


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