Whale Bone [ Kujira no Hone (くじらの骨) ]


Kujira no Hone (くじらの骨)

Masshiroi kimi wo te no hira de korogashitekita
Zuibun mae ni watashitachi wa kono basho ni kiteitanda
Hai-iro no suna ga kaze de makareteitta kedo
Zuibun mae ni sore ga doko he iku no ka kizuiteite
Sunahama to senro
Umi no ue wo hashiru torein wa shuuchakueki he
Yaruki no nai kiiroi taiyou ga shizunde shimau
Kotoba wo tsurane samusa wo kemuri ni maku moufu wo tsukutte ageru
Nooto no ue de nemutteiru youna kimi ni
Kujira no hone wo sagashite atsumetemita keredo
Mendokusaku natte kimi ni zenbu agetanda
Dekita yo tte kimi wa moto ni modoshite kureta kedo
Ijiwaru na kaze ga kujira wo fukinuketa
Sameteitte shimau
Sore mo kyou de owaserunda
Shasou ni yureru ranpu ga watashi wo mada mayowaseyou to shiteru no
Ureshikattashi tanoshikattashi tsurakattashi kuyashikattashi
Sorera wo torimaiteta sabishisa ni owareru koto mo mou nain desho
Sunahama to senro
Umi no ue wo hashiru torein wa kaisou ressha
Oshitsuke gamashii taiyou ga nobottekita
Kujira ni nareba ii to te wo hiita kimi ni ne
Zenbu ageyou
Sono kawari shiroku chiisaku natte koko ni modoretara
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English translation

Whale Bone

You rolled, pure white, off my hand.
A long time ago we had come here.
Grey sand was coiling in the wind, but
A long time ago I noticed where it all was going *
A sandy beach and train tracks,
The train running over the ocean is heading for the terminal station.
The unwilling, yellow sun is sinking.
I'll make a blanket that mystifies the cold from lined up words, and give it
To you, while you seem to be sleeping on your notebook.
I tried searching for, and gathering up the whale bones, but
It became bothersome, and I gave them all to you.
Because you could, you put them back together for me, but
A malicious wind blew through the whale
It's become cold.
I'll end it today, too
The swaying lamp in the train window still desires to puzzle me,
Because it was happy, fun, hard, and vexing.
The loneliness that had encircled those feelings
Is no longer hunting us, right?
A sandy beach and train tracks,
The train running over the ocean is the out-of-service train.
The self-assertive sun has risen.
To you, who wanted to be a whale and pulled my hand,
I want to give everything
But instead, it would be nice if I could become small and white, and return here
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Author's comments:

*He's talking about both the sand and time here, I think. Saying that he knew where the sand was blowing, just as he had a feeling he knew how things were going end up.

Probably has some mistakes, I'm still working on my Japanese. Just let me know and I'll fix them. (Thanks to AkiraCres for corrections!!)

There are a lot of references to the other songs on this album, specifically "老人と海".

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Japanese → English - nmuth
AkiraCres    January 31st, 2015

I'm from Japan.
Let me give you some advice about the meaning of the Japanese passage.
But if you don't understand what I mean, please ask me... Because I'm not good at English, I may not explain that well.

I'll make to you a blanket that mystifies the cold, made from the words lined up.
(I'll line up the words and make to you a blanket of it, the blanket befogs the coldness.)
「煙にまく(kemunimaku)」=「ごまかす、曖昧にする」mystify, befog, cheat... etc.

「それも今日で終わらせるんだ」I'll end it today, too

「回送列車」="A deadhead train" or "out‐of‐service train". "forwarding" is the different meaning of the word「回送」.

Instead of that, I hope to be white and small and to come back here.
「白く小さくなって」"I hope to be white and small piece", This means "I hope to be a (small piece of) bone". This phrase's subject is probably "I", not "we".

nmuth    February 7th, 2015

Thank you very much for the help, AkiraCres! I understood what you were saying perfectly. The way you wrote the lines makes a lot more sense. I've made changes to hopefully reflect that.

AkiraCres    February 8th, 2015

It's my pleasure, I'm happy if I can help you. Regular smile