Teoman - Kupa Kızı ve Sinek Valesi (English translation)

English translation

Queen of Hearts and Jack of Clubs

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We were destined to each other by a card fortunetelling,
she was the beautiful queen of hearts, me being the jack of clubs..
That thursday by midnight I've met her by chance over the bridge,
I told her not to cry, but she kept on crying so far as she stepped down the banisters.
Is your hair soaking wet or the life is itself wet?
Does the wind always carry along rain within for you?
Are you gazing at the space or are you bored of the questions I've asked:
Does this autumn never ever leave your eyes behind?
Let you be a snowflake to perch on the tip of my tongue,
Be a snowflake to melt in my mouth...
She was dripping wet, she got undressed, touched my body
she found my living cells in my little coarse skin...
I was happy as she fell asleep I clasped her on my arms,
as she wandered in her sleep all those unknown names laying down all naked...
I was proud in my dream, " I've known it from the beginning" I murmured,
the card fortunes are surrprisingly meant to be something to believe in...
Then I woke up and froze imn wonder staring at the writing left on my misty glass by almost a ghost finger:
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Kupa Kızı ve Sinek Valesi

Jansay    Fri, 03/06/2011 - 15:01

Genel olarak güzel bir çeviri fakat önemli hatalar mevcut.

Jansay    Fri, 03/06/2011 - 15:02

Genel olarak güzel bir çeviri fakat önemli hatalar mevcut.