The King Child (L'enfant roi)

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The King Child

I only know one thing
You hold my joy, my pain in your hands.
You are the breath, the link,
my king child, my magician.
Nothing belongs to me
(But) To the south I return
Drowned in the heart of crowds
It's in your river that I flow across.
When all the golden bridges collapse
It's from your air that I get drunk
Nothing belongs to me
(But) To the south I return
I run through and include
The Unkown territories.
My country, my blood, my street
are in your eyes, I saw them.
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L'enfant roi

Je ne sais qu'une chose
tu tiens ma joie, ma peine entre tes mains
Tu es le souffle, le lien,
mon enfant roi, mon magicien
Rien ne m'appartient
(Mais) Au sud je reviens


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