The Only Thing That Remains (L'unica Cosa Che Resta)

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The Only Thing That Remains

Darkness has fallen all around
You see me
It is still alive
The trembling flame
Take your breath again
And let's go
Don't be afraid
We can do this
We'll walk 'til the end
Of every blocked way
We'll go through gorges
And rivers of poisoned water
Every day is a leap
And a dear place to leave
Sleep because light will soon come
And I will have to wake you
Thank goodness you're still here
Thank goodness you're here
On the other side of a door which is barred for everyone
You could find me
Thank goodness you're still here
Thank goodness you're here
Through a way which was unknown to anyone else
You could touch me
The night is still right now
It's waiting for us
The deepest dry sea
To get lost and swim into
Make sure the burden is light
You can carry few things
Leave all the efforts behind
Let them go
Thank goodness you're still here
Thank goodness you're here
I kick started in vain and I didn't move
You could guide me
Thank goodness it's still beating
Thank goodness you're coming
Falling behind through your fingers
Until I forget myself
We'll go through cold and fire
Only then they'll see
That we still shine in the depht where's the sky
Thank goodness you're still laughing
Thank goodness you're with me
Every hour passes quickly
You're the one thing that remains
The only thing that remains
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L'unica Cosa Che Resta

è sceso il buio intorno
mi vedi
è ancora vivi a la fiamma
che trema
prendi ancora fiato
e andiamo


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