Rosa rano zbudi,
mlado oko ki solze taji.
Muke križajo sanj,
vojne so krute in krut je ta dan.

Prek gora lepo pesem poje,
da bi tako bilo vse bi dal moje.

Veter lahko premika vrhove,
jih nese na drugo stran,
a verjemi da zate stopil bi nanje,
čuval poslednji raj.
Reke naj derejo te bregove,
odnesejo daleč stran,
a verjemi da zate plaval bi vanje,
čuval bi najin raj.

Veter lahko premika vrhove ...

Submitted by Ilidian on Mon, 14/11/2011 - 08:44
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The dawn is early to wake
a young eye that hides it's tears.
Torments cross the dreams,
wars are cruel and cruel is this day.

Over the mountains a beautiful song is sung,
I'd give anything of mine, for it to be that way.

The wind can move mountains,
bears them to the other side,
but believe me, for you I'd stand on them,
and guard the last paradise.
Let the rivers wash away these coasts,
take them far away,
bot believe me, for you I'd swim in them,
and guard our paradise.

The wind can move mountains ...

Submitted by Ilidian on Tue, 15/11/2011 - 13:56
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