Well-paid woman (La bien pagá)


La bien pagá

Ná te debo
Ná te pido
Me voy de tu vera, olvídame ya
Que he pagao con oro tus carnes morenas
No maldigas, paya
Que estamos en paz

No te quiero
No me quieras
Si to' me lo diste, yo na te pedí
No me eches en cara que to' lo perdiste
También a tu vera yo to lo perdí

Bien pagá
Si tu eres la bien pagá
Porque tus besos compré
Y a mi te supiste dar
Por un puñado de parné
Bien pagá, bien pagá
Bien pagá fuiste, mujer

No te engaño
Quiero a otra
No creas por eso que te traicione
No cayó en mis brazos
Me dio solo un beso
El único beso que yo no pague

Ná te pido
Ná me llevo
Entre esas paredes dejo sepultas
Penas y alegrías
Que te doy y me diste
Y esas joyas
Que ahora pa' otro lucirás

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Submitter's comments:

This song has been performed by many artists during the past 60 years. The original, most probably by Miguel de Molina in 1952: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pikr6fQKiK8&feature=related

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English translation

Well-paid woman

I don't owe you anything
I'm not asking you for anything
I'm leaving your side, so forget me already
Because I have paid for your sun tanned flesh with gold
Don't curse, you boor
We are in peace with each other now

I don't love you
So don't love me
If you gave me everything, I never asked for anything
So don't reproach me by saying that you lost everything
I also lost everything by your side

Yes, you are well-paid
Because I bought your kisses
And you surrendered yourself to me
For a handful of money
Well-paid, well-paid
You were well-paid, woman

I won't lie to you
I love another woman
But don't think I betrayed you
She didn't fall into my arms
She gave me a single kiss
The only kiss I didn't pay for

I'm not asking you for anything
I won't take anything with me
In between these walls I'll bury
The sorrows and joys
That I still give you and that you gave me
Along with the jewelry
That you will display for someone else now

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UserPosted ago
Kamran4 years 32 weeks
kubeseba     July 2nd, 2011

It may be rare in Spanish lyrics.

citruswind     July 2nd, 2011

Ah, that's because he's using colloquialisms and some non-standard spelling/pronunciation.

For example:
Ná = Nada
To' = Todo
Pa' = Para
Pagá = Pagada (The male noun would be pagao = pagado)

Parné is a colloquial way to refer to money in some places.

Kamran     July 2nd, 2011

citruswind, thank you once again for a superb work and your valuable comments. OUTSTANDING!