Well-paid woman (La bien pagá)

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Well-paid woman

I don't owe you anything
I'm not asking you for anything
I'm leaving your side, so forget me already
Because I have paid for your sun tanned flesh with gold
Don't curse, you boor
We are in peace with each other now
I don't love you
So don't love me
If you gave me everything, I never asked for anything
So don't reproach me by saying that you lost everything
I also lost everything by your side
Yes, you are well-paid
Because I bought your kisses
And you surrendered yourself to me
For a handful of money
Well-paid, well-paid
You were well-paid, woman
I won't lie to you
I love another woman
But don't think I betrayed you
She didn't fall into my arms
She gave me a single kiss
The only kiss I didn't pay for
I'm not asking you for anything
I won't take anything with me
In between these walls I'll bury
The sorrows and joys
That I still give you and that you gave me
Along with the jewelry
That you will display for someone else now
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La bien pagá

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UserPosted ago
Kamran5 years 38 weeks
kubeseba     July 2nd, 2011

It may be rare in Spanish lyrics.

citruswind     July 2nd, 2011

Ah, that's because he's using colloquialisms and some non-standard spelling/pronunciation.

For example:
Ná = Nada
To' = Todo
Pa' = Para
Pagá = Pagada (The male noun would be pagao = pagado)

Parné is a colloquial way to refer to money in some places.

Kamran     July 2nd, 2011

citruswind, thank you once again for a superb work and your valuable comments. OUTSTANDING!