The Difference (La Diferencia)

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The Difference

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Even though you waste time without my affection
and even though you don't want this love that I offer you
and even though you don't want to pronounce my humble name
besides that I will still be wanting you
I know that you will never ever be able to love me
to your affection I arrived too late
don't devalue me
it isn't my fault
don't be mean
because you are
who I want to fall in love with
What damage could I cause you by loving you
If you don't want me I understand you
I know perfectly well I wasn't born for you
but what can I do now that I want you
Let me live this way
I want you as you are and without conditions
without waiting for the day when you want me as I want you
I am aware my love that you will never want me
Perhaps tomorrow I will awake alone
but for the moment I want to be dreaming
don't wake me
you don't see that I am happy like this
I am aware my love
that you are not for me
there is no need for you to devalue me
put yourself in my place and we'll see what you would do
The difference between you and me
perhaps would be the heart
that I in your place would love you
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La Diferencia

Aunque malgastes el tiempo sin mi cariño
Y aunque no quieras este amor que yo te ofrezco
Y aunque no quieras pronunciar mi humilde nombre
De cualquier modo yo te seguiré queriendo
Yo se que nunca tu podras jamas amarme
Que a tu cariño llegué demasiado tarde
No me desprecies,


colchado13     September 16th, 2009

Smile this song is beautiful and made my eyes water . My husband is right , this man is deep.

dfish01     March 26th, 2010

i tottally agree, im samoan and i listen to his music when im juz chillin

sportespaz14     August 27th, 2010

This song was originally written and sung (in French) by Lara Fabian titled "La Différence". Another interesting note is she wrote this song to another woman (which you can kinda tell if you really look at the lyrics). But yes, I completely agree, this is a very beautiful and deep song!

chris.cabrera.37     April 3rd, 2013

@sportespaz Thats not true. They are two different songs with the same title. Also, Juan Gabriel's song was released as a single in 1980. Lara Fabian would have been about 10 yrs old.