Drowned Woman (La noyée)

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Drowned Woman

You drift away
On the river of memory
And running on the bank,
I cry for you to come back
But slowly you move away,
And in my reckless run,
Little by little, I catch up to you
A little bit of lost ground.
On occasion you dive
In the moving liquid
Or, brushing against brambles,
You hesitate and you wait for me
Hiding your face
In your pulled up dress,
From fear that you'll be disfigured
By shame and regret.
You're nothing but a wreck,
Dead dog in the water
But I'm still your slave
And dive into the stream
When memory ends
And the ocean of forget,
Breaks our hearts and our heads,
Never reunites us.
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La noyée

Tu t'en vas à la dérive
Sur la rivière du souvenir
Et moi, courant sur la rive,
Je te crie de revenir


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