The white dove (La Paloma)

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The white dove

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A song reminds me of
That yesterday
When she left in silence
One sunset
She went away with her sad song
To another place
She left as a companion
My loneliness.
A white dove sings to me
At dawn
Old melancholies, things
Of the soul
Arrive with the silence of
The morning.
And when I go out to see her, she flies
To her house
Where she goes that she
Now doesn't want to listen to my voice
Where she goes that my life
Fades away
If she is not next to me
If she wanted to return
I would go to wait for her
Every day, every dawn
To love her more.
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La Paloma

Una canción me recuerda aquel ayer
Cuando se marchó en silencio un atardecer.
Se fue con su canto triste a otro lugar
Dejó como compañera mi soledad


Jheri     October 19th, 2010

Thank you Katherine. I have wanted to know what the lyrics to this beautiful song mean for such a long time!!

Katherine0825     October 22nd, 2010

No problem Smile I enjoy translating and Spanish is a beautiful language, as is Romanian, the other language I know Smile ~K

Aldefina     November 27th, 2016

Title has been corrected. You need to correct your translation accordingly.