Jacques Brel - La Quête (English translation)

English translation

The quest

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Dreaming an impossible dream
Enduring the grief of departures
Willing to burn with fever
Leaving on an untrodden path.
Loving to being torn apart,
Loving, even too much, even poorly,
Trying, without strength, withour armor,
to reach the unreachable star.
Such is my quest,
following the star.
No matter my chances
No matter how long
or how desperately,
and struggling always,
unwavering, unrelenting.
Getting damned
for the gold of a loving word.
I don't know if I will become this hero,
but my heart would be soothed
and cities would be splashed in blue
thanks to a poor soul
who would still burn after he'd burnt everything
who would still burn, even too much, even poorly,
to stretch out to being quartered
to reach the unreachable star
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I didn't think you could still find a song of Brel's that would have escaped my friend Gavin :).


La Quête