The twig of the mezquite (La rama del mesquite)


La rama del mesquite

La rama del mequite donde tu me esperabas
Desde que tu te fuiste se comenso a secar
Sus ojas eran verdes ahora son amarillas
Parece que comprenden que yo estoy sin vida
La rama del mesquite igual que yo se muere
Amor si algun dia vuelves me vas a visitar
Al pantion de los enamorados
Pero sobre mi tumba no vayas a llorar
Mi cruz sera, la rama del mesquite
Y asi sabras, lo mucho que te quise
La rama del mesquite y yo estaremos juntos
Mas no te pongas triste todo tiene su final
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English translation

The twig of the mezquite

The twig of the mezquite where you used to wait for me
Since you left it started to dry
Its leaves were green, now they're yellow.
Seems like they realize I'm dead
The twig of the mezquite dies just like I do
My love if you ever visit me again at the graveyard of lovers, don't you cry
My cross will be the twig of the mezquite and that way you'll know how much I loved you
The twig of the mezquite and I will be together, but don't be sad, everything comes to an end
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Rama means branch not twig.