The white shore, the black shore (La riva bianca, la riva nera)

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The white shore, the black shore

Mr. captain, please stop here...
-I'm very tired, I'll stop for sure,
Pay attention, they're shooting, you better jump off...
-I'll pay attention, but shoot yourself too.
-Tell me soldier, where are you from?
I'm from a country near to you...
but the frontier crosses the river,
the white shore, the black shore,
and over the bridge I see a flag,
but it's not the one is in my heart.
-So you soldier are not from mine...
I have got a different uniform...
-I can't tell you because I can see no more,
They have shot me and maybe it was you.
Mr. captain, what shall we do...
this is war, it can't change.
The grapeshot sings on the mountains...
and green grass gets straw...
and the battle goes on along the river,
but it is already done for the two of us.
Mr. captain, I have to go...
-I'll come with you, you can't leave me...
I won't leave you, I already know that,
I'll be next to you forever.
All is over, the frontier is silent,
the white shore, the black shore,
while a woman cries through the night
and calls a name which will never answer.
Mr. captain, please stop here...
-I'm very tired, I'll stop...yeah...
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La riva bianca, la riva nera

Signor capitano, si fermi qui...
      - Sono tanto stanco, mi fermo sì,
Attento sparano, si butti giù...
      - Sto attento, ma riparati anche tu.


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alberto.msd3 years 34 weeks
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Valeriu Raut     September 4th, 2012

Grazie mille Barbara,
Ottima traduzione, felicitazioni.
Osservo che gli italiani sono bravi nella lingua inglese.
Non so se lei non conosceva questa canzone, ma spero che le è piaciuta comunque.
Saluti cordiali,

LadyBarbara93     September 5th, 2012

Grazie mille per i suoi complimenti, li ho apprezzati veramente molto!
Congratulazioni a lei per il suo italiano molto corretto.
No, non conoscevo la canzone, ma il testo mi è piaciuto.
Cordiali saluti,
Barbara.     June 30th, 2013

Dear Barbara!
'La riva bianca, la riva nera'
What a Great Song... Una Bella Magnifica Canzone!
Please, forgive and correct my mistakes...
Thank You