The creek of our childhood (La rivière de notre enfance)

The creek of our childhood

I remember a tree
I remember the wind
These rumours of waves
At the ocean's edge
I remember a city
I remember a voice
These christmases that shone
In the snow and the cold

I remember a dream
I remember a king
A summer that ended
A wooden house
I remember the sky
I remember the water
A dress of lace
Broken at the back

It's not blood that flows in our veines
It's the creek of our childhood
It's not its death that causes me pain
It's no longer seeing my father dance

I remember a lighthouse
I remember a sign
A light in the evening
An anonymous room
I remember love
I remember the gests
The cab on the way back
The perfume on my jacket

I remember so late
I remember so little
Of those trains of coincidence
Of a couple in love
I remember London
I remember Rome
The sun that makes the shadow
The sorrow that makes the man

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La rivière de notre enfance

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