Requests for transcriptions to
ArtistRequestLanguagePosted Ago
ManufacturaI'll be the end of youEnglish11 hours 9 min
Nadine CoyleGossipEnglish1 day 10 hours
Ruslan TsarCome To LifeEnglish2 days 16 hours
UnknownUnknownEnglish1 week 1 day
Irina MilanSong for a doveEnglish1 week 1 day
Healer Of PlagueStayEnglish1 week 3 days
Kan WakanTuesdayEnglish2 weeks 3 days
The Reign of TerrorLight in the SkyEnglish2 weeks 4 days
The Reign of TerrorDay by DayEnglish2 weeks 4 days
The Reign of TerrorHeartlessEnglish2 weeks 4 days
X-sinnerA Cut AboveEnglish2 weeks 4 days
X-sinnerEyes of FireEnglish2 weeks 4 days
Karthago (germany)Oberbaum BridgeEnglish2 weeks 5 days
BehaviorAnywhere But HereEnglish2 weeks 5 days
The ErisedVelvetEnglish2 weeks 6 days
The ErisedSpringEnglish2 weeks 6 days
LaoumaGo AwayEnglish3 weeks 1 min
TolstoysNice SongEnglish3 weeks 6 hours
Soulcrate MusicEvil In ItEnglish3 weeks 1 day
Steve StraussFlesh and bloodEnglish3 weeks 2 days
Federico VillaruelTwo Hearts Never Lonely (Top of the World)English3 weeks 2 days
Federico VillaruelTo Say GoodbyeEnglish3 weeks 2 days
Henry No HurryThe Axis Of The RoadEnglish3 weeks 2 days
Henry No HurrySilence is YellowEnglish3 weeks 2 days
Henry No HurryThe RoadEnglish3 weeks 2 days
The Whistling PossumThem Are PigsEnglish3 weeks 3 days
Country Joe McDonaldSexist PigEnglish3 weeks 3 days
QuillThey Live The LifeEnglish3 weeks 3 days
QuillThat's How I EatEnglish3 weeks 3 days
GiorgiaSave The World (English)English3 weeks 3 days
Dust In MindOpen Your EyesEnglish3 weeks 3 days
Rage Of LightI Can, I WillEnglish3 weeks 3 days
Rural ZombiesBiEnglish3 weeks 3 days
DenorecordsDjemail on the BeatEnglish3 weeks 4 days
Gerard MCWe Going to Wendy'sEnglish4 weeks 11 hours
Tomas BarfodTidal WaveEnglish1 month 23 hours
Tomas BarfodIn the DarkEnglish1 month 23 hours
Broken WaterHigh-LoEnglish1 month 1 day
Paulina RubioAlgo de Ti (Spanglish Version)English1 month 2 days
Charlie CannonOn my way to libertyEnglish1 month 6 days
A Cry FarewellThe RoadEnglish1 month 1 week
IntrinzikTeamEnglish1 month 1 week
Young Drummer BoyCan't Tell Me NothingEnglish1 month 1 week
HarlowMovie QueenEnglish1 month 1 week
UnknownUnknownEnglish1 month 1 week
BodaciousThangDys FunctionalEnglish1 month 1 week
BodaciousThangCocaine SlavesEnglish1 month 1 week
BodaciousThangFlying HighEnglish1 month 1 week
BodaciousThangSmile MoreEnglish1 month 1 week
Trae Tha TruthAlleviationEnglish1 month 1 week
Vitaly voronkoI wonder how youEnglish1 month 2 weeks
Tony RonaldPlay it againEnglish1 month 2 weeks
Juan WautersThis Is IEnglish2 months 16 hours
WidowmakerStraight Faced FighterEnglish2 months 1 day
Gigi Mcfarlane Ft ChojinPowerEnglish2 months 1 day
Elle VeeVapors (Through the vapors smoke)English2 months 1 day
Moe RoySpaceshipsEnglish2 months 5 days
A.ShineIt's not overEnglish2 months 5 days
A.ShineNever leaveEnglish2 months 5 days
Alex ProjectLife isEnglish2 months 5 days
A.ShineTangoEnglish2 months 5 days
Ari GoldLove Wasn't Built in a DayEnglish2 months 1 week
Valique Feat Vladakeeping you inEnglish2 months 1 week
Will-o-the WispSliding Down At The Shades Of MindEnglish2 months 2 weeks
DeadthroneWithout YouEnglish2 months 2 weeks
DeadthroneNever ForgetEnglish2 months 2 weeks
DeadthroneThe SuccessorEnglish2 months 2 weeks
DeadthroneTo Hell and BackEnglish2 months 2 weeks
Sean Paul, Alkaline, Richie Loops, Amy AlidaOne ThingEnglish2 months 3 weeks
Carmen Maki And Blues CreationEmpty HeartEnglish2 months 3 weeks
Gfdm, Md Electro Feat NeonheartRight On TimeEnglish2 months 3 weeks
Trance Arts Feat CarieI’ve Seen The WorldEnglish2 months 3 weeks
RedAbel's Looking for a Major LabelEnglish2 months 3 weeks
Lost BearTen CitiesEnglish2 months 3 weeks
The SpiresBoy Named CloudEnglish2 months 3 weeks
Green LemonThis TimeEnglish2 months 3 weeks
Slice & SodaYear of the DragonEnglish2 months 3 weeks
BlottoMetalheadEnglish2 months 3 weeks
SeaxMetalheadEnglish2 months 3 weeks
MärvelMetalheadEnglish2 months 3 weeks
Minimal CompactScums & HalfwitsEnglish2 months 4 weeks
UnknownUnknownEnglish2 months 4 weeks
Minimal CompactShouts & KissesEnglish2 months 4 weeks
College 11Room On the First FloorEnglish3 months 4 hours
MonoclаstWorld Outside My EyesEnglish3 months 1 day
Ashley StevensonI Have A DreamEnglish3 months 2 days
Suga CityNew NewEnglish3 months 5 days
So Solid CrewSkylaEnglish3 months 5 days
2 UnlimitedR.U.O.K.?English3 months 5 days
Alyxx DioneON (Song)English3 months 1 week
Alyxx Dione2Good2BTruEnglish3 months 1 week
Alyxx DioneCan't Have Everything (Drake Remix)English3 months 1 week
Alyxx DioneI Don't WannaEnglish3 months 1 week
J SuttaSpecialEnglish3 months 1 week
J SuttaCan't Take No MoreEnglish3 months 1 week
J SuttaShameEnglish3 months 1 week
Dj Vladim I SenaGrow slowEnglish3 months 1 week
Twilight LampDifferently SimilarEnglish3 months 1 week
Hank Mullet And MoonshineFreezeEnglish3 months 1 week
Hank Mullet And MoonshineGhost TrainEnglish3 months 1 week