Turkish (Middle Turkic)

Translations from and to Turkish (Middle Turkic)

The WeekndWicked GamesEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)-
ShahzodaShahzoda - DejavuUzbek → Turkish (Middle Turkic)1
Bryan AdamsInside OutEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)-
N.W.A.Chin CheckEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)-
R5I Know You Got AwayEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)-
Mehmed the ConquerorİstememTurkish (Middle Turkic) → English-
Patty PravoLa bambolaItalian → Turkish (Middle Turkic)-
Cem AdrianYağmurTurkish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)1
Chris ThraceSing LoudEnglish → Turkish (Middle Turkic)-
ReddBak KeyfineTurkish (Middle Turkic) → English-