Idioms in
(from) head to toePersian47
(درآمد) بخور و نميرPersian6
After death the doctorPersian22
allah istiani kurt yemazPersian-
And they all lived happily ever after.Persian19
at loose endsPersian2
ayakta kalmakPersian2
Battre de l'ailePersian3
English, French, Persian #1, #2
Better HalfPersian11
Bite one’s nailsPersian10
biti na staklenim nogamaPersian8
Blood is thicker than waterPersian29
Break new ground Persian1
Breathe down someone’s neckPersian6
Burn the candle at both ends Persian6
Cani cehennemePersian-
catch a breakPersian1
Daghighan = "دقیقاPersian20
Demain il fera jourPersian25
die Kerze an beiden Enden anzündenPersian6
Djungelns lagPersian18
Don't keep me in the darkPersian3
English #1, #2, German, Persian
Down to EarthPersian6
easy come, easy goPersian12
Arabic, English #1, #2, Greek, Persian
Eden bulurPersian67
er geçPersian21
Fall aboutPersian2
Fight fire with firePersian15
Fight tooth and nailPersian5
Fine words butter no parsnipsPersian6
for a songPersian-
for goodPersian-
for the good of someone/somehtingPersian-
Get to first basePersian1
give (something) a goPersian-
give a breakPersian4
give a damnPersian3
Give up on (someone/something)Persian-
Go at it hammer and tongsPersian-
English #1, #2, Kurdish (Kurmanji) #1, #2, Persian #1, #2
Go by the boardPersian1
English #1, #2, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Persian #1, #2
Go up in smokePersian1
good riddancePersian3
hang by a threadPersian18
Heart of goldPersian29
Il faut se méfier de l'eau qui dortPersian51
In the cloudsPersian-
jemandem Daumenschrauben anlegen / jmd. die Daumenschrauben anziehenPersian5
Jump the gunPersian5
Keep one's coolPersian22
keep one`s eye onPersian11
keep up withPersian3
Live and let livePersian10
Lives on borrowed time Persian5
Look dagger Persian5
Look like a million dollarsPersian2
Make A KillingPersian2
Man after my own heartPersian3
mettre quelqu'un plus bas que terrePersian-
Monkey on one's backPersian-
No se capisse 'n ostregaPersian3
Not beat around the bushPersian17
Not know someone from Adam Persian2
on cloud ninePersian33
out of the boxPersian2
English #1, #2, Persian, Russian
Paint the town Persian-
pass awayPersian79
pop roundPersian1
Put (Someone , Something) out of the wayPersian3
raining cats and dogsPersian43
ring alarm bellsPersian3
Salad DaysPersian-
Ships that pass in the nightPersian-
skate on thin icePersian1
Spit it outPersian11
still waters run deepPersian2
English, German, Persian #1, #2
Sweep you off your feetPersian5
Tell it to the marinesPersian7
English #1, #2, Persian
The grass is always greener on the other sidePersian32
The hurtful truth is better than a sweet lie.Persian2
the time of your lifePersian1
Throw up one's handsPersian-
Tie The KnotPersian-
to be on the cusp (of something)Persian1
To break the icePersian15
To bump into somebodyPersian2
to burst at the seamsPersian4
to fall/come/break apart at the seamsPersian1
to get/come/cut (straight) to the pointPersian17
To give someone the benefit of the doubtPersian-
To have your head in the cloudsPersian23
To hit the roadPersian6
To kill two birds with one stone Persian6
to pay/give lip servicePersian6
English #1, #2, Persian
To stand at attentionPersian4
To swear up and downPersian1
Tomorrow never comesPersian9
Under your thumbPersian4
Walk on eggsPersian9
water under the bridgePersian9