Translations from and to Unknown

HeldmaschinePropagandaUnknown → English-
Martina StoesselLibre SoySpanish → Unknown2
Luc ArbogastOra Et LaboraUnknown → English-
Luc ArbogastLuix Im HimmelUnknown → English-
Luc ArbogastPrima MezuraUnknown → English-
Luc ArbogastDarjeeling CaravanUnknown → English-
Luc ArbogastEntededorUnknown → English-
Luc ArbogastCancion SefaradiUnknown → English-
Luc ArbogastAn Freij De An Neo EraUnknown → English-
Salif KeitanyanyamaUnknown → Portuguese-
Salif KeitanyanyamaUnknown → English-
Salif KeitanyanyamaUnknown → French-
Salif KeitaYamoreUnknown → English3