Gossip [ Latlit (لتلت) ]

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If you're strolling by the coast
I will gossip
If you're walking around wearing a short dress
I will gossip
If the two of you are walking together, oh hello, not holding back
I will gossip
And if you'll be offended, that's even better, I've got a tongue
He will gossip
If I was standing on the corner flirting
She will gossip
And if you're deafened, you wimp
There's nothing against it
I'll just gossip
And if you're pissed
About to boil, wherever you turn
I will gossip
As long as you're not a prude
Come on friend, let's take a walk
So we can gossip
Submitted by rhoynish on Fri, 29/06/2012 - 13:42

Latlit (لتلت)

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