God (Le Bon Dieu)

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You, if you were God
You would let the old ones waltz
on the stars
You, if you were God
you would let the vagrants
on the ball
You, if you were God
You wouldn't stint just on the
blue sky
You are not God
You, you are much better
You are a human being*
You are a human being
You are a human being
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Author's comments:

* "homme" can be either "man" or "human"


This is a free translation, the way I understood it. If you have any questions or corrections feel free to post them.

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DoctorofVoice3 years 23 weeks
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DoctorofVoice     August 13th, 2013

-ais=2nd person conditional. For the first two instances "could" might be a better English syntax.

Stint? While correct, it's rarely used. "You wouldn't (or couldn't) skimp on the blue sky." perhaps. "Way more better?" I don't think so, a race specific colloquialism--dangerous. "You, you are much better." Es ist genug.

Ice300     August 29th, 2013

So you'd translate it with "you, if you could be god"?

Thank's for the corrections.