Along the road (Le long de la route)

Along the road

We did not make the effort
to stick together a bit
before time claims
our desires and our wishes
Images, quarrels
of the rancorous past
forged our armors
Our hearts sealed themselves

Left alone in their corner
Our animated demons
got lost in our designs
Colorless and dark grey.
We could have chosen
forgiveness, made an attempt
at a different story for the future
instead of just wanting to forget.

Let's hold hands
along the road
let's choose our destiny
with any more doubts.
I have faith and it is only
a question of listening
and opening wide our small hands
at whatever cost.

We never made the effort
to talk about US
Pride took hold of us
and could not bring us to our knees
Clear eyes
lying through our teeth
Cannot deny it
full body exposure

Let's hold hands
down the road
living life as it is
letting go

But words are just words
and not the most important
we give them our own meaning
which changes to each person's liking

It's stupid, how stupid we can be
for the other is just the reflection of what we try to hide

If our written drawings
do not paralyze us
It will be the beginning of our dreams
that are trying to come to life

How stupid, how stupid we can be
to hide from ourselves

it's stupid, how stupid we can be
for the other is just the reflection of what we try to hide


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Le long de la route

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