Dalida - Le torrent (English translation)

English translation

The stream

Like a stream coming straight down the mountain,
racing and bouncing troughout the meadows,
discovering all the spring flowers in the countryside,
my brand new heart came down to the city,
swollen with love and happiness to share.
Yet my soul is less at ease
since I left everything.
Up there everything is bright light
Down there everything is fanciful
But the stream soon forgets about its mountain,
and like it I come down, following my destiny.
And from hills to countryside
I lost my child's heart.
My brand new eyes met you in the city,
and unknowingly gave you their freedom.
The stream gently flows away,
but I decided to stay.
Still I often think
of the sky of my childhood.
Tonight, you see, life feels sweet to me again1,
living with you in the light of my twenties,
and I flow back to the spring whence the springs spring2
In the silence
of the white firs,
near the stream, you'll get to know
my child's heart.
  • 1. the French is a bit unusual there, I'm not quite sure what she means
  • 2. sorry, I just couldn't resist Regular smile
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Le torrent

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