Love sentences in greek

Sotomayor23    December 22nd, 2015

i like this site , better then the other onces ..

I love you: S'agapo
I miss you: Mou leipeis
I adore you: Se latrevo
My love: Agapi mou
My life: Zoi Mou
Se skeftomai sinehia: I'm constantly thinking of you
Se hriazome: I need you
Eimai trellos/trelli (?) gia sena: I am crazy 4 you
Ta panta mou: sth like my everything I guess

I love you very much! - S'agapo para poli!
I want you! - Se 8elo (thelo)!
My love! - Agapi mou!
My baby! - Moro mou!
My beautiful! - Omorfia mou!
My heart! - Kardia mou!
My soul! - Psihi mou!
My eyes! - Matia mou!

Thisavre mou: My treasure
Anasa mou: You're my breath
Asteri tis zois mou: Star of my life
Agapoula mou: My small love
S'agapo san paidi: I love you like a child

I'se o'ti kali'tero mou e'hi simvi' - Youre the best thing thats happened to me
Ki'taxa vathia' mes sta ma'tia sou ke i'da to me'llon mas - I looked deep into youre eyes and saw our future
Aste'ri mou - my star
Se latre'vo san to theo' mou

Ho'ria sou den ypa'rho - Away from you i cant exist

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