The man in red (L'Homme en rouge)

English translation

The man in red

The tree is switched off
The baubles fall down and smash as they go ooooh
The parents are asleep, unconcerned
It's dark inside and white outside
I'm hungry, I'm cold, I'm scared, I'm crying, I am alone.
There is no sun in my winter
The man in red has got nothing for me
No presents in the backpack
The man in red won't come for me
I am nobody, I don't exist
The man in red won't come for me
He doesn't care about people like me
The man in red does not know me
Don't they tell me that I deserved to be ignored that much,
that the filthy spoiled kids next door are much, so much better than I am
They dance, they sing and taunt me as they go oooh
I am alone in a world that spins without me
There is no sun in my destitution
The man in red does not warm me
There is no light in my tunnel
The man in red won't switch it on
There are no evening lies anymore
The man in red won't come for me
Everybody deserves some happiness
Everybody, then why not me?
There is no sun in my wasteland
it won't run across my desert
I'm crying rather unquiet rivers1
that will never dry up
I am alone in this shroud night
Not even a measly broken toy
Next year it will be the same
The man in red, he doesn't exist
  • 1. allusion to the expression "la vie est un long fleuve tranquille" (life is a long quiet river), also the title of a cult French movie that deals (in an hillarious way) with various social class issues
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L'Homme en rouge