Disney Fandubs - Libri me (Lingua Franca Nova) [Let It Go] (English translation)


Libri me (Lingua Franca Nova) [Let It Go]

La neva es plu blanka aora,
Covre cada cosa me vide.
En esta rena isolida
Pare ce me es la rea
La venta venta tra me como jelo
Me no pote asconda an si me vole
Ta ce tu asconde e silenti
Un xica bon, debe obedi regulas
Fida me, lo va es oce
Lo es oce
Libri me, libri me!
Me crea cosas (e)stonante
Me ia libri final
Me pote oblida, pardona
Me no cura
Sur la los pensas
La tempestad va veni
E me va bonveni lo contente
Distante es me de la popla
Me resta felis sempre
La temes cual ia panica me,
Fuji panicada de me
Me relasa la me potias.
A fini me core libre
Elsa, tu debes es posi-tiva.
Libri me, libri me!
Me oia la stela volante
Me ia libri final
Me va plora no plu
Asi es me, me va resta
La tempestad va veni
La me potia deveni la aira
Lo jira e flota per crea neva e jelo
E jela cristali la me mente como me dise
Nunca ce me revade, la pasada es ia vade
Libri me, libri me
Me va leva como la leva de sol
Libri me, libri me
Me no cura, no importa me plu
Asi es me, lo leva un nova matina
La tempestad va veni
Crede me, me bonveni lo contente
Submitted by Anna Elsa J. on Mon, 17/07/2017 - 09:36
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English translation

Free me

The snow is whiter now
Covering everything I see
In this isolated queendom
It seems that I’m the queen
The wind blows through me like ice
I cannot hide even if I want (to)
You hide and be silent
A good girl must follow rules
Trust me it’ll be alright
It’s alright!
Free me, free me!
I create wonderful things
I’m liberated finally
I can forget and forgive
I don’t care
About their thoughts
The storm will come
And I’ll welcome it gladly
I am far from the world
I always stay happy
The fears that scared me
Are fleeing scared from me
I release my powers
Finally I run free
Elsa you must be posit-ive
Free me, free me!
I hear the shooting star
I’m liberated finally
I’ll cry no more
Here I am, I will stay
The storm will come
My power becomes the air
It swirls and floats in order to create snow and ice
And the ice crystallises my mind as I say
I'm never going back, the past is gone
Free me, free me!
I will rise like the dawn
Free me, free me!
I don't care, it's not important to me anymore
Here I am, a new morning rises
The storm will come
Believe me, I'll welcome it gladly
Submitted by Anna Elsa J. on Mon, 17/07/2017 - 09:39
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