Lili Marlene [ Lied eines jungen Wachpostens (Lili Marleen) ]

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Lili Marlene

Right next to the barracks by the main gate
there stood a lantern and stands there up to date
We're going to meet there again
Next to the lantern we will remain
Like then, Lili Marlene
Like then, Lili Marlene
Our casted shadows appearing as one
and the love we had, clear to everyone
and to all people that was quite plain
when by the lantern we were stayin'
Like then, Lili Marlene
Like then, Lili Marlene
Already says the sentry, lights-out's being called
that can cost you three days, comrad let's not get stalled
We said goodnight right there and then
How I would love be with you again
With you, Lili Marlene
With you, Lili Marlene
It knows your nice walking, as you come along
every night it's burning, but it forgot me long
And if it comes and I'll be slain
Who by the lantern will be coming then
With you, Lili Marlene
With you, Lili Marlene
Off the lands of silence, off the earthly ground
in a dream it lifts me, your kiss leaves me astound
When the mist of night swirls into reign
There by the lantern I will be again
Like then, Lili Marlene
Like then, Lili Marlene
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This is a rhymed translation you can sing along. Chords

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Lied eines jungen Wachpostens (Lili Marleen)

1. Vor der Kaserne
Vor dem grossen Tor
Stand eine Laterne
Und steht sie noch davor
So woll'n wir uns da wieder seh'n
Bei der Laterne wollen wir steh'n
Wie einst Lili Marleen.


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Lonja     February 26th, 2013

What a great piece! Well done. Thank you so much

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Thank you too for your appreciation

Nptden     October 31st, 2016

My grand-Father was in WWI; Father WWII; me Vietnam. We ALL love this song! The words transcend whatever side you were on!