Lambretta - Livet är en fest (English translation)

English translation

Life is a party

The blood boils during friday nights, you're horny
We we're on our way to Vågen1 to dance to some songs
We started with grogs, Greven, Plast2 and me
And this friday, a dream about a girl, warm and happy, started to grow
Life is a party
That's something you can agree with, people
But if life sucks
Being drunk will keep you warm
But when we arrived at Vågen, something died
It was overcrowded and people were pushing eachother and not alot of smiles
We sat down in the bar and grabbed a bottle of wine
And the dream about a girl, warm and pretty, grew dim
Then we hung out in the bar, drink up brother, drink up
The orchestra was only playing swedish hits and the last dance was coming up
And damnit, I really wanted to see a girl somewhere
That would step out of the smoke, come forward to me and say: Hi!
And then they closed and we walked home, our dream about this friday was over
I threw up in the gutter and got yelled at by a cop
But forget about the sorrows in your heart and forget about your job my friend
It'll soon be friday, and then we will try again
  • 1. Lit. 'the Wave', a popular pub in Gothenburg with live music that existed between 1956 and 2006
  • 2. These are the nicknames of his friends, which literally mean 'the Count' and 'Plastic'
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Livet är en fest

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