Laur Teär - Lootuste Linnutee (English translation)

English translation

Milky Way of Hopes

Alone as ever
Smarter than the previous day
Tearful soul feels pain
when I'm waiting for you.
It won't peace to my soul
if I was full of emptiness.
I feel these pricking arrows
still in my heart.
It's a long road till the dawn,
yearning makes me sad.
The flame of my emotions is passionate,
my dear, being alone hurts.
When we feel longing,
then we surrender to this feeling again.
I want to hold you tenderly a bit more, my dear.
I have spent the most beautiful moments
with you alone.
If I'd only get back what was before
I'll wait for you endlessly
We have been forced to leave
Suffering remains in my soul.
You were made only for me
on the Milky Way of our hopes.
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This is a very lazy translation. I'm sorry.


Lootuste Linnutee

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