The young pilgrims (Los pelegrinitos)

English translation

The young pilgrims

To Rome they’re walking
two pilgrims,
for the Pope to wed them, mamma
‘cause they’re cousins, pretty baby,
‘cause they’re cousins, baby
A little felt hat
he’s wearing the lad
and the pilgrim girl, mamma
a velvet one, pretty baby,
a velvet one, baby
When they were crossing
the bridge of Victory,
the bridesmaid stumbled, mamma
the bride fall down, pretty baby,
the bride fall down, baby
They arrived in the Palace,
walked upstairs,
and in the Pope's hall, mamma,
they were brought down, pretty baby,
they were brought down, baby
The Pope asked them
what are their names,
he says it’s Pedro, mamma,
and she says it’s Ana, pretty baby,
and she says it’s Ana, baby
The Pope asked them
what is their age,
she says it's fifteen, mamma,
and he seventeen, pretty baby,
and he seventeen, baby/
The Pope asks them
where do they come from,
she says from Cabra, mamma,
and he from Antequera, pretty baby,
and he from Antequera, baby
The Pope asks them
whether they have sinned,
he says just one kiss, mamma,
that he had given her, pretty baby,
that he had given her, baby
And the pilgrim girl
who is shy
her face has turned, mamma,
into a rose, pretty baby,
into a rose, baby
And the Pope responded
from his quarters:
I wish I was pilgrim, mamma,
to do the same! pretty baby,
to do the same! baby
The bells of Rome
are pealing now
because the pilgrims, mamma,
are married now, pretty baby,
are married now, baby.
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Los pelegrinitos

{Hacia Roma caminan
dos pelegrinos }x2
a que los case el Papa, mamita,
porque son primos, niña bonita,
porque son primos, niña.
{Sombrerito de hule
lleva el mozuelo } x2