Am I bad ? (Losha li sam)

English translation

Am I bad ?

When I look around,all ( girls ) have someone
And I , the last one, still wait for him
I am ashamed of the fact that I am lonely
What’s wrong with me – I am not thirsty for love ?
God, am I bad ? You always forget me
For all other –happyness,and for me – always tears
God,do you hate me ? Don’t forget about me !!!
Give me to love something badly , God !
To all others – it is a blessing in disguise
To me is the vice versa – a disguise in blessing
One day I am happy ,hundred I am sad
I am sinking lonely ,let it be at least for love
Chorus : (x2)
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Losha li sam

Като погледна, всяка има си някой,
А аз последна, още го чакам.
Чак се срамувам, че съм самотна,
какво ми има - за любов не съм ли жадна?