I and the moon (A lua e eu)

English translation

I and the moon

More than a year has passed by
And so much as I haven't heard your name
I and the moon
Walking in the streets
I look around and I only see footprints
but they aren't yours, I know
The wind makes me remember of you
Leaves fall dead like me
When I look myself in the mirror
I'm getting old and done
I need to find you
I don't know where you are
Submitted by Brujita on Fri, 12/04/2013 - 15:03
Author's comments:

I hope there aren't mistakes!


A lua e eu

Mais um ano se passou
E nem sequer ouvi falar seu nome,
A lua e eu...
Caminhando pela estrada,


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sacdegemecs     April 12th, 2013

ep! 'lua' és 'moon', què en penses d'un títol com "the moon and me"?

Brujita     April 12th, 2013

yeah! that's better!