Maarja - Õnneseen (English translation)



Kas te teate - olen küll üks õnneseen ma!
Ah et miks või? Kohe teile selgeks teen ma.
Oma ema ükski lill ei ole näinud,
üle niidu käsikäes nad pole käinud.
Pilvelapsed ei saa ema kallistada -
tuul neid pillub igaühte oma rada.
Aga mina tunnen nagu pehmeid pilvi
enda ümber ema käsi, näen ta silmi.
Niidule ja metsa, trammile ja linna
käsi ema peos ma alati võin minna.
Kui vaid soovin - oma emmele teen pai ma,
sellepärast olengi üks õnneseen ma.
Submitted by nykti-eoikuia on Sun, 07/05/2017 - 20:32
Submitter's comments:

Basically her debut. Regular smile
All grown version:

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English translation


You know - I really am very lucky!
Oh, why? I'll explain it to you now.
No flower has seen its mother,
they have never crossed a meadow, holding hands.
Cloud-children can't hug their mother,
the wind is throwing each of them to a different direction.
But I feel - they're like soft clouds -
my mother's hands around me, I see her eyes.
To a meadow and forest, onto a tram and to town,
I can always go with my hand in mother's palm.
Whenever I wish to, I stroke my mommy's head,
that's why I am very lucky.
Submitted by nykti-eoikuia on Sun, 07/05/2017 - 20:32
Author's comments:

Snow White's dwarf called Lucky is also called Õnneseen in Estonian.
For some reason, it's a compound of luck (õnn) and mushroom (seen).

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