Thank You [ Māhalō [You're Welcome] (Tongan Version) ]

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Thank You

Alright... okay, okay.
I know what's going on here, yes
You're looking at greatness, but it's strange
You don't know yourself -- amazing!
And I hope it stays that way.
Open the eyes -- begin!
Yes, this is the real Maui -- breathe!
Stare at the hair and body
It's very great.
What is there to say but, "thank you"
For the waves, sun, [and] sky
It's okay, it's okay -- thank you
For I'm just a normal guy.
Hey! Who pushed the sky upwards
While you were still waddling? [This] fellow!
And in the night, who stole the fire?
Look at me!
Oh, I ensnared the sun -- thank you
To slow the day, thus fun [was possible]
I rule the breeze -- thank you
To fill the sails with wind.
What is there to say but, "thank you"
For the islands I pulled
Don't pray, it's alright -- thank you
It's just my characteristic
Thank you, thank you.
Well, I have something to say.
Kid, I got a lot to say
To explain the reason for everything
[The] waves, grass, dirt
No, it's just Maui messing around
[The] eel is dead, its guts buried
A tree grows, and now there's coconuts
What's the lesson for today?
Don't argue with Maui when he's trying to escape.
And these tattoos on my skin
They display my victories
And I make all these happen
Look at the little Maui, his tap-tap-tap-tapping
Let me say,
I'll say, "thank you" [thank you]
For your world
Hey, it's okay, okay -- thank you [thank you]
It's almost time for me to depart
Hey, will you say, will you say, "thank you" [thank you]
Is that boat there for me?
I'm, I'm sailing -- thank you [thank you]
Lest I drown [thank you]
Thank you [thank you]
Thank you...
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Māhalō [You're Welcome] (Tongan Version)

'Ee... sai ā, sai ā
Kou 'ilo me'a ni, 'io
Ke mataa 'a e lahi ka mākehe
'Ikai 'ilo koe kita -- totoatu!
Ka 'ofa ma'u pē ke pehē
Fakaáva mata -- kamata!


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