Momma (Mama)

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I see someone looking at me
and while I'm standing here
I see he's waiting for an opportunity
He's checking my face, body and walk
but the doesn't know my congenital code
I just need someone to have a good time with
if you're the same, we'll have a mega time
Momma, I'm not alone tonight
because I've finally given myself the opportunity
Momma, life isn't a drama
and like Ava Gardner
I have a tactic
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Vidim da neko mene gleda.
I dok tu stojim,
ja vidim on me vreba.
Snima lice i tijelo, i hod.
Al' on ne zna moj urođen kod.
Ja samo trebam nekog da se zezam.
Ako si isti, nama biće mega.


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