Marina & the Kats - Easy Does It


Easy Does It

All you busy fellows, you've got it going on
Looking sharp as a razor at the break of dawn
Early to bed, and early to rise
Might work for you, but I don't think that's wise
Look at you, you walked the dog, you cleaned the house
You fried some eggs, baked some bread, and kissed your spouse
Do as you please, I won't participate
Cause I don't bother, I'd rather get up late
Don't you worry all the time
Easy does it
Better always keep your cool
Take it slow
It's a state of mind
Easy does it
Never ever let that conscience
Take control
Me and the cat out on a Monday night
Swing to the beat 'til the broad daylight
As I'm sitting here, smoking my last cigarette
I still don't feel all that sleepy yet
Hey, bartender, are you open dear?
I'm real close to dying of thirst right here
I'm quite tolerant, there's just one thing I hate
To rise with the sun, I'd rather get up late
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