Wenn die Soldaten lyrics


Wenn die Soldaten

1. Wenn die Soldaten
Durch die Stadt marschieren,
Öffnen die Mädchen
Fenster und die Türen.
Ei warum? Ei darum!
Ei warum? Ei darum!
Ei bloß wegen dem
Ei bloß wegen dem

2. Zweifarben Tücher,
Schnauzbart und Sterne
Herzen und küssen
Die Mädchen so gerne.
Ei warum? Ei darum. . .

3. Ein Gläschen Rotwein
Und ein Stückchen Braten
Servieren die Mädchen
Ihren Soldaten.
Ei warum? . . .

4. Wenn im Felde blitzen
Bomben und Granaten,
Weinen die Mädchen
Um ihre Soldaten.
Ei warum? . . .

5. Kommen die Soldaten
Wieder in die Heimat,
Sind ihre Mädchen
Alle schon verheirat'.
Ei warum? . . .

Submitted by Lonja on Sun, 10/03/2013 - 11:04


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Sciera     March 10th, 2013

There were some typos, I corrected it what I think was meant.
Here is another (similiar) version: http://www.volksliederarchiv.de/text385.html

Lonja     March 10th, 2013

Thanks kindly!
Yes, I am common with the version you've mentioned.
So, you think it is "Gläschen", not "Bläschen" -- okay, then. I hear, Bläschen. Smile
The Russian saying fits okay. Certainly, she sings not "Eine Fläschen..."
And I suspect it goes "Vieren die Mädchen Ihren Soldaten" -- that means eye-to-eye meeting, unter vieren Augen. Probably, slang.

Lonja     March 10th, 2013

If "Vieren..." then a comma was needed:
Ein Gläschen (certainly not Flaschen) Rotwein
Und ein Stückchen Braten,
Vieren die Mädchen
Ihren Soldaten

But I think you are correct. She sings [Ser]vieren...

Sciera     March 10th, 2013

"vieren" at least is no verb of standard german. If it's slang then it's a slang term I have never heard before.
It rather sounds like "geben" though, not like "servieren" at all.

"Fläschchen" would make sense, too, but she clearly sings "Gläschen".

I hadn't bothered to listen to the youtube video linked because it's blocked in germany. Thanks god there are ip-switchers...

Lonja     March 10th, 2013

> I hadn't bothered to listen to the youtube video linked because it's blocked in germany.

I see. Pierre, my French friend has the same problem. Sad
Never mind. "Vieren" was my pure fantasy. Or, by the way, it sounds like she sings blomß or blumß instead of bloß. Any guesses?

Sciera     March 10th, 2013

She propably just has a strange way to pronounce it; "blomß" and "blumß" don't have any meaning while "bloß" fits perfect.