My I within you (Meu Eu em Você)

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My I within you

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I'm the bight in your eyes as you look at me
I'm your smile as I give you a kiss
I'm your whole body, shivering with lust as you snuggle in my arms
I'm your most hidden secret
I'm your deepest wish
I'm your way of wanting
I'm your undisguised hunger for love
I'm your source of joy
I'm your way of dreaming
I'm your shadow
I'm your guide
I'm your moonlight in broad day light
I'm your skin
I'm your protection
I'm your warmth
I'm the smell of you that perfumes our love
I'm your repressed longing
I'm your bleeding as you watch me leaving
I'm your chest, suing and crying out in pain
as you see my love growing apart from you
I'm your ego
I'm your soul
I'm your heaven
I'm your hell
I'm your peace
I'm your everything
I'm your nothing
I'm simply your loved
I'm your world
I'm your power
I'm your life
I'm my I within you
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