My pretty girl (Mi niña bonita)

English translation

My pretty girl

I think that all men
go through this, when they're
about to become fathers they want a boy...
Then they have a girl
and feel disappointed, but then
they love her so much that their mind change.
It's my pretty girl, with a rose-like face,
it's my pretty girl, becomes prettier every day
it's my pretty girl, made of nard and clove pink,
it's my pretty girl, it's my pretty girl,
how much I love her...
If one day my girl gets married in a ermine white dress
I'll remember that I dreamed to have a boy,
so I'll ask the Lord and pray for,
that the man that takes her away always loves her...
My pretty girl, oh my pretty girl...
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Mi niña bonita

Yo creo que a todos los hombres
les debe pasar lo mismo que cuando
van a ser padres quisieran tener un niño...
Luego les nace una niña
sufren una decepción y después la quieren tanto
que hasta cambian de opinión...


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