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Siavash Ghomayshi - Parande - پرندهPersian
ns1478     May 10th, 2010

Can someone please translate Bavaram Kon by moein? I love that song and understand most of the words, but can't understand the harder words. I need it in English!

Thank you!

lt     May 11th, 2010
azucena77     May 19th, 2010

Someone please post the lyrics translated like this to songs "Mo'ama" and "Roya" and songs from his Parvaz album, also maybe "Faramusham Nakon", "Ael Anke" "Elaheh Naz" and any more you can? Thanks for all this help.

lt     May 20th, 2010

azucena77, if you need lyrics translation, you should add original lyrics yourself first Wink and then add translation requests.