My Legionnaire (Mon legionnaire)

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My Legionnaire

He had big and very bright eyes
Where sometimes lightning would pass
As in the sky storms pass
He was full of tattoos
That I never really understood
His neck wrote :"Not seen, not taken"
"On his heart we'd read: "no one"
On his right arm one word : "reason"
I don't know his name, I don't know anything about him.
He loved me all night
My legionnaire!
And leaving me to my destiny,
He left in the morning
Full of light!
He was thin, he was handsome
He smelled good like warm sand
My legionnaire!
He had sun on his forehead
That put in his blond hair
Lost happiness, fleeing happiness,
Always I think about that night
And the lust for his skin eats me up.
Sometimes I cry and I think
That when he was on my heart,
I should have yelled my happiness...
But I didn't dare telling him anything.
I was afraid to see him smile!
He was found in the desert
He had his beautiful eyes opened.
In the sky, the clouds were passing by.
He showed his tattoos
Smiling and he said
Showing his neck: "not seen, not taken"
Showing his heart: "Here, nobody"
He didn't know... I forgive him.
I dreamt though that destiny
Would give me back one bright morning
My legionnaire,
That we'd leave only the two of us
In some wonderful country
Full of light!
He was thin, he was handsome
We put him in the warm sand
My legionnaire!
There was sun on his forehead
That put in his blond hair
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Mon legionnaire

Il avait de grands yeux très clairs
Où parfois passaient des éclairs
Comme au ciel passent des orages.
Il était plein de tatouages
Que j'ai jamais très bien compris.
Son cou portait : "Pas vu, pas pris."
Sur son cœur on lisait : "Personne"
Sur son bras droit un mot : "Raisonne".


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