It's passing away right now (Most múlik pontosan)

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It's passing away right now

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(this one's a rather amateurish translation, but anyway)
It's passing away right now.
I just let it go,
let it spill out of me.
I thought, my one and only,
this is not the right place for you to bem
and that you are not meant for me.
It's thundering, storming, lightning bolts.
This is love indeed.
I see a bird skim by
above me,
Void in her heart and barbed wire,
a piece of straw in her beak.
I slew myself
whilst she lands on an applpe tree
in the garden of God,
inhaling apple wine.
I would ride on
with you in the night,
on a striped horse of shady dreams.
Heart of nomad priests
shake in the knife,
under my feet
it's mud and moor swamp.
Ever since then,
I encounter visions of her everywhere incessantly.
I stare at the distance with tension,
my home has become stony hell,
fragmented, splintered heaven,
a viscous distorting mirror,
reflecting lights of the firebugs.
An indian ghost haunts inside me,
with rusty shroud cover on his eyelids.
Beyond the mirrors,
up above, in the skies,
amongst the coulds,
a snakecharmer with wings of angelic feathers
drops his heavenly flute.
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This one's a rather amateurish translation, but anyway

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Most múlik pontosan

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gosh5 years 5 weeks
petibatyo     June 11th, 2011

Nekem is van egy ilyen projektem, több nyelvvel:

Jó lenne egyesíteni az erőket, mert 2-3 fordításnál nincs értelme többet közreadni ugyanarra a dalra, amíg a többi tízezer dal szövege nem hozzáférhető legalább angolul.

petibatyo     June 11th, 2011

A fenti egy meghívó volt. Smile